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Where can I get Internet Marketing Webinars

Where Can I Get Internet Marketing Webinars

At Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community, sometimes also called Wealthy Affiliate University.


That is the short answer!


But the longer answer is that you can get so much more there. And when you start out you can get in and take the initial training all for FREE.


So what subjects do the webinars, called WAbinars at Wealthy Affiliate, cover?


Well here is just a sample of the subjects covered:


  1. Creating a USP: Unique Selling Proposition
  2. Tracking Social Metrics in Analytics
  3. Internal Linking Strategies for Rankings
  4. The New Age of Interactive Marketing
  5. Ultimate Traffic Training Wabinar
  6. Ultimate Traffic Training WAbinar PART 2
  7. Deep Linking Strategies
  8. Getting Started With Online Marketing
  9. 50 Shades of Grey Hat SEO
  10. Building an Authority Site
  11. COMPLETE Walk-through of Wealthy Affiliate

And that is just a small sample of all the internet marketing webinars that are available at Wealthy Affiliate.

 Where Can I Get Internet Marketing Webinars

So if you are interested in learning affiliate marketing, and would like to be able to watch webinars in order to learn the skills you require to become successful. Then Wealthy Affiliate is the right choice.

 The Added Benefits of the Wealthy Affiliate WAbinar

And what is more you can watch these webinars as a STARTER Member! In other words for FREE.

And that is the truly great thing about Wealthy Affiliate, being able to make use of all the basic resources with a free membership before you decide to upgrade to a Premium Membership.


So if you are looking for live and recorded internet training webinars, then the Wealthy Affiliate WAbinars are most certainly worth having a look at!

And then you will realize that besides the WAbinars there is also just a great community of people who are learning the skills just like you and they are willing to help you out when you run into a challenge.

And that is not something that you will find in many other places on the internet. 

Looking for Weekly Live Internet Marketing Training?

Where can you get Live Internet Marketing Training 

Are you looking for live internet marketing training?


Do you learn better visually?


live affiliate marketing training

Weekly Live Affiliate Marketing Training

Do you not enjoy having to read through a whole lot of technical jargon to learn?


And …


Do you want to create a successful online business.


Well then I have some good news! Because you can find your learning needs fulfilled at Wealthy Affiliate.


This is a community of internet marketers, started by Kyle and Carson, on the simple philosophy of sharing and caring! We all get a lot further when we help each other out when we have a problem.


But, getting back to the live internet marketing training! Almost every week, Magistudios, Jay runs a training session about another aspect of internet marketing.


Possibly the only drawback* to these live training sessions is the fact that you have to be a Premium Member in order to watch them. However, in terms of learning, as a Starter Member you have access to literally hundreds of video tutorials and other information about all aspects of internet marketing.

*{ I was wrong about needing a Premium Membership to be able to watch these WAbinars, you can watch them as a Starter Member. Here is a link to a recent Wealty Affiliate WAbinar! }

Having said that, Premium Membership is certainly a step up from the Starter Membership in terms of the training available and the level of interaction that you get within the community.


And one of those benefits is the ability to view the live internet marketing training!


There are undoubtedly other places on the internet which give you video internet marketing training, for $497, no doubt.

However, very few of them, if any, provide you with a community as big as the one at Wealthy Affiliate which will help you out when you get stuck on a problem, no matter how small it is. And THAT makes a difference! A big one!


If you have any questions about this post, comment below or get in touch with me on my Google Plus profile here: My Google Plus Profile


Here is to your affiliate marketing success!

Best Place to Learn Online Marketing: Within a Community

A Community is the best place to learn online marketing

The best place to learn online marketing is within a community of like minded people. People who can help you when you get stuck. People who are already successful! As the following quote illustrates:

To know the road ahead, ask those coming back”

best place to learn online marketing

As with many things in life, we learn best when we listen to the advice of those who have done it before, those who have achieved success, and can point out our mistakes to us and tell us how we can improve. When we implement those changes and follow the instructions then things start to fall into place.

The problem with the internet is that you have so many people telling you where you should be learning the skills you need to be successful at internet marketing.

How to check where is the best place to learn!

An interesting principle that you can apply to weed out those who are just after your money is this!

Are they willing to put their money where their mouth is?

And I do not mean just a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee!

I mean …. who after 90 Days even remembers that they have bought the product?

What I mean is someone who is prepared to let you come into their community … FOR FREE … learn all the basic skills that you need to make a success at internet marketing, before you are even asked to pay any money what so ever.

Well I am a member of just such a community where you can

  • join for Free,

  • learn the basic skills that you need to be successful

  • get involved in the community

  • never be forced to pay, unless you decide to!

There are great benefits to taking up a Premium Membership, but you DO NOT have to, the Starter Membership is Free to Join

And your membership is for life, so you can come back and start over where you left off.

How Much Does Good Affiliate Marketing Training Cost?

SO… How Much Does Good Affiliate Marketing Training Cost?

It certainly does not have to cost an arm and a leg!


On the other hand, buying the cheapest course you can find or just using every bit of free ‘training’ you can find will also not give you the best training! Because much of that information is outdated and probably has not worked for years!


And when you are starting out, everything is new and people are using terminology that you do not understand. Put simply it can be Confusing!…!


And some of those courses are costly, and you have to pay for each component or module. And that can add up to a large amount. Take the following as an example:



That is just for the one course, and there are about 6, and you have to pay that amount for each one! Which would add up to quite a lot of money!


And then there are the fly by night operations that take you in with all sorts of false claims. When you recognise the techniques that they use, run for the hills and DO NOT give them your money!


Then there is the fact that most affiliate marketing training courses want you to pay up front and then figure out how they work from there! So what do you Do?


Well…. You Join Wealthy Affiliate to start with!




And you get all the basic training for Free, before you even have to put down any money!


There is Free and then there is Premium, which opens up more possibility


And truth be told if you follow the free training available at Wealthy Affiliate, and put in the work. You could actually earn some money before you even decide to go Premium.


And when you do start to pay for Premium you will see that you get everything that you need to create a successful online business all in one place. For a monthly or single discounted annual price, you will have all the support, training and tools necessary to make a success of your internet business.


Another factor to consider about good affiliate marketing training, is whether it is just coming from one source. That is just one person. With Wealthy Affiliate you have a whole community. Many of them successful internet marketers in their own right who are willing to help out those of us who are still learning the ropes.


That translates into virtually 24/7 support. There is almost always someone who can give you an answer to a question.

Where can I Get Online Marketing Tutorials? Try Wealthy Affiliate WAbinars

Struggle to Learn from Just Printed Text!

Many of us are visual learners. We struggle to fully comprehend instruction when they are just words on a sheet of paper or on a computer screen!

So, maybe you have that problem too! You really learn better when you have concepts and ideas explained to you visually. You are just able to grasp the idea or concept better that way!

So when someone just sells you a PDF with a whole lot of words telling you to do this and that, you seem to get lost and lose hope of ever getting this internet marketing thing right.

And you wish that there was somewhere that you could get instruction on the concepts visually by means of webinars or tutorials! Well I know just the place where that happens!

Where Can I Get Online Marketing Tutorials?

Where can I get online marketing tutorials

It is at the Wealthy Affiliate WAbinars, run by Magistudios. Each week, almost every week, Jay – Magistudios – gives instruction on a different aspect of internet marketing. And you will always find some interesting and valuable fact that you can apply to your online business almost immediately.

There are also all the previous editions of the WAbinars that you can go back to to check up on concepts that were covered earlier.

The other method of learning at Wealthy Affiliate is through the countless training modules available. Many of these are in video or screen capture format with step by step instructions how to get things done.

So if you are looking for instruction on internet marketing and reading from a PDF or computer screen just confuses you. Then I would suggest that you take a look at the WAbinars at Wealthy Affiliate and see for yourself how you can quickly learn the skills necessary to become successful at internet marketing.

How Will I Learn Online Marketing : By Doing Online Marketing!

How Will I Learn Online Marketing?

The best way to learn how to do something is to do that thing!

Sounds obvious! But not always so easy to take the plunge.

It is actually an example of the Give a Man a Fish and you Feed Him for a Day, Teach a Man to Fish and you Feed Him for Life! Story

You want to learn how to Fish!

We have all heard endless stories of how people have been ripped off on the internet. Many of us have been ripped off ourselves, trying to learn Online Marketing. We have been taken in by the stories of instant riches, and push button cash!

And anyone who has been trying for any amount of time may have any number of PDF files about affiliate marketing and various systems stored on their hard-drive. I know I do!

Most of it is just sneaky marketers using slick marketing methods to get hold of your hard earned cash!

Where Can I Learn Online Marketing?

So how do you learn how to Fish?

Well one of the best ways is to go and ask those who are already hauling fish out of the water! The successful fishermen and women!

And I would like to introduce you to a place where there are many very successful fishermen and women aka internet marketers, and many more like you who are learning the trade and teaching each other as they go along!

And it is within this community that you will be able to learn the art and science of internet marketing, from starting out to branching out. From the very basics of your very first campaign to the small details which can launch your internet marketing business to levels you never dreamed possible right now!

So if you want to learn how to be successful at internet marketing Join Wealthy Affiliate Today! Did I mention that you can join for free, no obligation, and get all the basic training for free, before you even need to pay for any membership.

Of course the Premium Membership does give you many more benefits and access to many more resources.

SO: Learn to Fish, Start Today… Fishing Tackle Provided!


Where can a Beginner Learn Online Marketing: I know Just the Place!

Overwhelmed by all the Empty Promises?

When you are starting out at Online Marketing, you are bombarded with special offers “The Next Biggest Thing”! Then there is so much other largely irrelevant information that you can easily suffer from information overload!


And everyone is telling you to buy their product and they will guarantee results!


Or your Money Back!


Still Looking for Success at Online Marketing


And you have bought how many of those products, and none of them has worked, but you have not gotten your money back!


Or maybe you have gotten your money back, but you are still looking for some success at online marketing.


Truth be told, your success is not dependant on some magic “one-click” system, or some new-fangled method of marketing. Your Success depends almost solely on

Where to begin with online marketing



YOU! So…



And how much effort you are willing to put into your online marketing business. Yep, maybe a little bit harsh, but none the less true. What is also true though is that with a certain amount of concerted effort YOU can achieve great success at online marketing.


But do not be discouraged by the thought that it may not be easy, rather be encouraged! Because you can make a success of this, many have and all you really need to get you to your desired level of success, is some training and motivation!


So, Where can a Beginner Learn Online Marketing


I know just the place where you can get both, and the best part is you CAN start for free!


Yes that is right you DO NOT even have to give your credit card or paypal details so that after a trial period you are charged. You simply join and begin!


Granted, if you enjoy the FREE Starter Membership, then there is the option to upgrade to the Premium Membership, which will open up a whole new level of training and interaction within the community for you.


My advice is that you join the community, not just download the product as with so many other online marketing training courses. And then take the training, and with the help of the community you will achieve your success!

What Does it Cost to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

What will it Cost to Learn Affiliate Marketing?

Time Mostly!

But some training and support go a long way to making the time you spend learning to be successful at affiliate marketing much shorter.

Here is the price of an affiliate marketing course that I found while doing a bit of research on the internet.

cost to learn affiliate marketing

Is This the Cost of Affiliate Marketing Training?

Now that is a complete course, and because I have not actually seen the contents I cannot comment too much on how good it is!

But $899, is a LOT of money, well in my books anyway! I do not know about you? And in this day and age we are all looking for value for money!

But you can get an excellent course in affiliate marketing and so much more for quite a lot less than the above mentioned course.

And I would like to show you where! And tell you why this is a good choice to learn affiliate marketing and get training in other aspects of internet marketing included in the price.

So when you start out learning affiliate marketing you can quite easily be bombarded with “the best thing, Ever” offers. And offers that you just HAVE to take, because there is nothing better!

How to the the Cost to Learn Affiliate Marketing

Well this is not one of them! This is just a really good ‘value for money’ offer. With a solid base of training about not only affiliate marketing, but also about using WordPress for building a website, finding really good keywords and so much more.

And then there is the value of community, which is a big part of your potential success! When you are stuck with a problem, you have to struggle through it on your own, and that can be very frustrating when you have no one to ask for help. But when you are in a community of people who are willing to help you, most often within minutes, if not seconds then it makes a BIG difference.

So if you are looking for affiliate marketing training, then join the Wealthy Affiliate Online Business Community, with the special offer available over the Black Friday Weekend.

And begin your journey to successful internet marketing.



Is There A Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Offer

You may have heard that there was a special offer for Wealthy Affiliate Membership over the Black Friday to Cyber Monday Weekend last year, and now you are wondering if that offer will be available again this year!


And the Short answer is ….





Maybe you were not in a position to take up the offer last year and you have been kicking yourself ever since, well, firstly don’t be so hard on yourself!


And Secondly, the offer is being repeated this year, so You can get a full years membership at Wealthy Affiliate for Only

So, What is the Wealthy Affiliate Black Friday Special Offer?


$ 299 – 00


Now that is still quite a lot of money, but it is a full 49% less than the price you would pay if you take the monthly subscription, and …


It is many times less than what you would pay for a college education over four years!


And it will enable you to build an online business, which you will be able to duplicate any number of times once you have learned the basics.


All that for the equivalent of $ 24 – 92 per month, heck that is the price of a cup of coffee at Starbucks per day, or less!


So cut the coffee … and Start a Business!


When it comes to Affiliate Marketing Training, there are very few places, if any, on the internet that offer you the value for money that Wealthy Affiliate offers. And that is when you are paying the full price! So this is a truly GOOD offer! Almost 50% OFF the monthly premium price, and you get all the training, hosting, tips, tricks, up to date info on Google updates and what to do about it.


If you are looking for this type of training and are sick of all the “gurus” have been selling you, then I would suggest that you take a look at this offer.


P.S. If you are reading this before the 29th November, you can actually get a

$ 0 – 00 Starter Membership, see what the fuss is all about and take a few days to evaluate this offer!


Yep! For FREE, but the special offer only lasts until the 2nd December, so join and take a look Now!

Cost of Affiliate Marketing Training

So What is the Cost of Affiliate Marketing Training

When looking at the cost of affiliate marketing training, you want to consider not only the initial cost, but the value for money and ability to get answers to questions that you have regarding the training.

For Example, you can buy a course from one of the “gurus” of internet marketing, for $970, the all inclusive price. With one personal training one-on-one session, which is nice, But expensive!

Or maybe you can get the other course that will teach you some fancy technique which is “All New” for $97 or maybe $77! Or for their special offer they may give it to you for $47, with an upsell to the complete course for another $97!

But none of these offer much value for money, and some have absolutely No “After Sales Service”

And with most of these courses you will get a PDF download or at best some videos which you have to download and watch. And all the information is rehashed old stuff, and some of it will not work Post Panda and Penguin.

Researching the Cost of Affiliate Marketing Training

I went and did a little research on the internet, to find out what an affiliate marketing course will cost, here is one of the courses I found.

The Cost of Affiliate Marketing Training

That is just One course offered by this company. I have no doubt that they are good and teach good stuff! But that is the price for one of their courses, and they are all priced the same!

$ 299

{PS if you do not believe me, get in touch with me when you join Wealthy Affiliate and I will send you a link, you can join for FREE Here if you like}

Which funnily enough is the same price which Wealthy Affiliate is offering for their Premium Membership from Black Friday, and that is for a full year and includes all the courses covered by the above company. It also includes, hosting for your websites, a really great community, and Live Chat – 24/7, which is great when you need an answer to a problem quickly.

Lock in your Cost of Affiliate Marketing Training

Unfortunately the $299 offer is only for the Black Friday weekend. But it is a 49% reduction on the monthly premium that you would pay or a 17% saving on the standard annual fee. A truly great saving whichever way you look at it.

So if you are looking for affiliate marketing training, here is a really good offer.

$299 for a Full Year of Premium Membership at Wealthy Affiliate. And That is the